At Sprint Coatings we have developed a leading-edge environmental plant design. All the new processes and equipment were selected on environmental principles. The principle was simple.
Does it use less than before?
Does it reuse more than before? And,
Does it recycle more than before?
Every process, every piece of equipment which was chosen, meets this simple, yet profound environmental credo – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Our state of the art gas burners minimise the gas used to generate the correct heat energy using ‘LANEMARK International ‘Thermismax’ burners.
Our pre-treatment chemicals have been chosen to minimise the heat energy needed for operation. Temperatures slightly above ambient are all we require compared to the majority of coating plants requiring high temperature treatment systems.
Our quality procedures ensure we reduce the amount of reworked items and hence waste.
The toxic waste associated with the use of Chrome VI in
the majority of powder coating plants in Ireland and British Isles has been eliminated by our careful selection and use of non-toxic chemistries. The use of this chemistry has been carefully supervised and approved by CHEMETALL.

Our new powder application booths have helped us re-use more of the powder sprayed in the process.
The cardboard packaging we receive from our incoming goods we reuse for the packaging of our own finished goods.

We are the first powder coating applicator in Ireland to use and then recycle our process rinse waters in our pre-treatment system. We have used the latest technology supplied by GEE & Coy for the cleaning or scrubbing the rinse waters for re-use as high quality deionised water.
Waste is separated and compacted where appropriate for the purpose of collection for recycling.

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