“A Class Act from Sprint”

Using architectural powder coating supplied by Sprint Coatings, based in Dublin, specifiers can be assured of the highest standards of quality. Being Qualicoat approved, pre-treatments and finishes produced by the company are regularly checked by independent testing house, Exova.

As with all external finishes on buildings and structures weathering will take place over time, but this should be limited to gloss retention and fading within set limits. De-lamination of finishes are extremely rare and usually point to poor pre-treatment issues - a very rare occurrence for a Qualicoat approved supplier such as Sprint.

‘Class 1’ is the standard for most architectural coatings, these powders are tested to a 1 year Florida weather exposure test and meet tight specifications for gloss retention and fade. Where buildings and structures are in harsh environments or have access issues, higher specifications of powders can be specified.

Two further classes are available, ‘class 2’ is 3 years Florida weather exposure and ‘class 3’ is 10 years Florida weather exposure. In ‘class 1’ the sample must not loose more that 50% of its gloss levels at the end of the test, whereas in classes 2 and 3 samples can only loose 10% of their original gloss values. Colour variation over time is similarly more stringent on classes 2 and 3.

Whilst costs of the higher quality powders are more expensive as they use more expensive pigments and stabilisers, life expectancy can be extended and maintenance reduced.