The Process

Sprint Coatings has the most versatile powder coating line for galvanised substrates in Ireland.

Critical to the success of coating galvanised substrates, which are usually fabrications, is to be able to handle a wide variety of objects. We can handle weights up to 1 tonne, lengths up to 9 metres, heights up to 3 metres and widths up to 1.5 metres.

The work flow follows a simple 3 stage process:-




Mechanical Pretreatment

There are 2 forms of preparation for powder coatings, one involves chemical preparation and the other is mechanical.

At Sprint Coatings mechanical preparation is used. The galvanised steel is ‘sweep-blasted’. This has a 2 fold advantage. There is a cleaning activity involved by the action of ‘sweeping’ away the worst excesses of any corrosion salts or other contaminants on the surface and simultaneously creating the ‘key’ to enable the powder coating to ‘bite’ onto the galvanised surface.

This procedure has been used over a couple of decades and has proven to provide a reliable, reproducible and secure powder coating.

Environmental Leadership
The new specially designed shot blast room, as provided by Powerblast International, incorporates the latest recovery and dust extraction technology. This creates a better quality finish, a cleaner work atmosphere and the most efficient use of the blast media

Powder Coating - Electrostatically Applied

This is done by charging the powders electrostatically and directing them with powder guns onto the metal to be coated. The material to be coated is earthed, and this attracts the charged particles, wrapping around the metal, providing and even finish.

Sprint Coatings uses a spray room system to coat the most awkward of objects and yet to successfully contain the overspray powder.

Curing the Powder Coating

After powder application the material goes into a large box oven, where the powder coating at first melts, then flows, gels and cures, to present the classic even one coat finish only a powder coating can provide.

Ovens suitable to each of the 3 production lines are employed. The Gas burner technology is also leading edge to ensure the most efficient use of the Gas supplied in well created and insulated ovens, maximising heat transfer and minimising heat loss.

The majority of galvanised metal is cured in our newly designed box oven to cope with the height, width, length and weight of galvanised material. It has been specially designed by the coating experts at Sprint to minimise the unwelcome phenomenon of pin-holing.

The secret to success here is in the cure profile of the material in the oven. Sprint Coatings has left behind the problems most applicators face with this substrate.